Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Dummy air tickets are completely legal in order to obtain a apply for a visa application. Here dummy ticket is referred to a actual flight reservation which means flight is on hold just payment is pending. In order to avoid visa cancellation you must always ensure to get a genuine dummy ticket which comes with a live verifiable PNR.

Dummy flight ticket’s validity depends on journey route/sector and journey date. But it will be valid for generally one weak. It may be 48 hours to 1 month, if you will choose you jounrey date for after 1 month.

After maked the order ,dummy air ticket nothing can be changed. If you require any changes you will need to make a new booking

No, an e-ticket number is not come in dummy ticket. If you require an e-ticket number, you will need to buy the full ticket.

It comes with a valild PNR or booking code or booking reference number which can be verified on airline website.

You can check your dummy air ticket on airline website by using the "Manage my booking" tool or "My trips".

We provide flight reservations for your visa application and/or proof of return/onward travel. We also provide dummy hotel booking and travel insurance for visa application purposes.

You receive a PDF document that includes a flight itinerary for your selected route and a PNR code that confirms your reservation.

The main use of a dummy flight ticket is to apply visas. Most embassies ask for a flight reservation during the visa application process. Dummy tickets are also used as proof of return to show at the immigration while traveling

After making the booking, you can receive your ticket in less then 10 minutes.

Not at the moment, but it is possible to receive a guaranteed direct flight. With this option, you won't have any stop-overs in any other countries.

No... while some platforms offer free dummy tickets, which is generated or fake flight ticket. They provide generated ticekt by ms word, adobe photoshop and other editing software. We would always recommend using a reliable paid service like Online Dummy Ticket for legitimate and valid dummy tickets.

No, dummy flight tickets are non-refundable. Dummy flight ticket is only a flight reservation that is used to show a temporay travel itineray. It is not for actual travel.